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Our Family - click the pic below for more pictures
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Monday, March 21, 2011

Like Father, Like Son

I've recently realized what sort of love God has for us, but it really wasn't until I thought about my love for Olivia (our older daughter).

Lately it seems as though she's gotten a little jealous and attention starved because of our new daughter, Sicily.  I suppose a natural feeling for a child getting her parents attention essentially cut in half.  And even though Sarah and I make conscience decisions to give Olivia our attention, she doesn't get all of our attention, and I think that makes her a little upset.  I still think that most of the time Olivia is well behaved for a 3 year old, but she does seem to "act out" a little more than before Sicily was around.  I don't think she is trying to be an attention hog or purposely make us mad, but she can be a butthead sometimes.

Don't get me wrong, I love Olivia to death.  Which gets me to the meaning of the title...I was thinking today that no matter what Olivia does, I will always love her.  She will directly disobey me, then apologize in her sweet, sorry voice and press herself into my arms and snuggle me, and I will practically melt.  I love those moments and I more or less forget about how she disobeyed.  She's sorry. She's forgiven. And innocent.  

I believe this is similar to how God loves us.  Unconditionally.  No matter what we do, we can't outrun His love for us.  I pictured myself disobeying God, but then repenting, and God holding me, just as I hold Olivia when she does the same.  I felt a taste of the love that God has for me, for everyone, and realized how awesome it is.

Few other things that I love about Olivia:

When I pick her up from Sunday school and she runs with her arms open yelling, "Daddy!"
When she tries to say a word or phrase that I just said and asks, "what's that for?"
Her love for her baby sister.
How she tries to take my stuff and hide it (and forgets where she put it).
How we play pillow fight with the couch pillows.
How she sneaks up on me to scare me...and I can totally hear/see her coming.
Her Laugh.
etc etc etc.