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Saturday, February 26, 2011

You may have to sleep in the forest

The new university in Honduras started this month.  The program's president, overseer, and advisor interviewed about 20 girls, most recommended by pastors and/or missionaries to study at the Leadership College.  I received an email from Glen (the president) talking about the girls that were interviewed.  I think it's best if I just let him do the talking.... 
At the end of the day, the students who were selected were hugging and rejoicing as though they had won a million dollars. Those not selected were greatly disappointed. During the interviews, we heard many touching stories. Some had not eaten on their 20 hour trip to the interview so we fed them and gave them food money for their return trip.   Three candidates were from La Mosquitia, the largest wilderness area in all of Central America. It was a financial burden for them to come for the interview. We selected two. After the process was over, I was expressing apologies to the one not selected and in the conversation discovered that she really had no where to go till May or June when we hope to have enough student sponsorships to accept her. 
I said to her that we would welcome her now but we had no bed for her. She replied "I do not need a bed. I can sleep on the floor as I have many times." Trying to lighten up the conversation a little, I said "without a bed, you may have to sleep in the forest." Not realizing I was kidding, she replied. "No problem. I can do that. I really want to be able to study. This educational opportunity is my chance for a better future." Bottom line: we accepted her saying we'd do something for a bed and thinking to ourselves that we’d trust God to find her a sponsor. 
This story only encourages me more about the move we are making.  I mean, if only we strove for opportunities to better our futures like this young woman has.  This is an incredible opportunity for these young women (because most don't go to college in Honduras) and knowing they really care about this is awesome.  I wish I could be there now.

One of the reasons we are going to Honduras is to make a difference in the students' lives, and give them an education that they can use to make a difference in others' lives (think pass it on).  Please send positive thoughts and prayers our/her way. And if you want to sponsor her schooling, you can send money her way also!  This is an amazing opportunity for these students!

I hope there is a bed for me...I don't want to sleep in the forest.

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  1. WOW! You wouldn't hear kids over here saying something like that!
    We take SO much for granted!