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Our Family - click the pic below for more pictures

Our Family - click the pic below for more pictures
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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Update Letter #1

Hi All,
We’d like to thank all of you for your continued prayer and support for our move to Honduras.  We are about 2 months away from our big move and getting more excited by the day.  We are eager to dive into a different culture as we begin this season of our lives focusing in on pouring out to those who come from a less-privileged background than ourselves.  Here are some updates concerning preparation for our move;

Renting our home: We signed up with a management firm to find and screen a renter as well as take care of our home while we are away.  They put the house on the market on a Monday a few weeks ago and had a confirmed tenant by the next Thursday.  Praise God for quick work.  We also had 3 successful garage sales (yes, 3!).  
Friends/Safety: Some have expressed concern about safety while we are in Honduras, and that probably just means that you care about us.  I think the main assumption is that it’s dangerous if you are not in a “Western Country,” but safe if you are.  Honduras is a 3rd world country, but that certainly doesn’t equate to high crime or danger.  Most of the time, the reason one may get into trouble is because he is somewhere that he shouldn’t be.  The campus is located well outside the city (20 miles) in a fairly remote place where crime is essentially non-existent.  When I was there in November, I never once felt in danger whether in the city or near the campus. 
We also have friends (husband, wife and 1½ year old son) who have been there for a few weeks now and feel very comfortable.  They have been able to “test the waters,” as they say, before we arrive.  If we felt we would be putting ourselves and our children in great risk of danger, we would most likely not be going.
Blog: Though I haven’t updated our blog in a couple weeks, we’d really like to do most of our communication through it once we get closer to moving and getting down there.  Go to our blog website at Click “follow” and simply enter your email address, then you will receive an email when we update. You can also create an account for easy access to the blog for comments and following.
Raising support: So far we have raised just over $3000.  That’s about 18% to our goal of $17,000 for the year.  Thank you for showering this opportunity with your blessings! We’d like to be right around 100% to our goal before we leave.  J  If you’d like to donate to our trip, you can mail a check to:
Solid Rock Fellowship Attn: Penny Stady
10500 SW Nimbus Ave. Bldg. T
Portland, OR 97223
Checks can be written to the church (for house building) or directly to us (for travel, insurance costs).  Only checks written to the church are tax deductible.  If you don’t care about a tax deduction, then we’d prefer to have the check written to us.  
In the memo line include “Lucia Honduras Trip”

God Bless,
The Lucia Family

-        You can read more about the Leadership University at this link.
-        Art for Humanity at this link.
-        Our blog at this link   (don’t forget to “follow” us).
-        Please feel free to email/call us with any questions/comments or even concerns!  When we get down there, our best way of communication will probably be through our blog and email.
-        Our emails: or

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