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Our Family - click the pic below for more pictures

Our Family - click the pic below for more pictures
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Saturday, April 28, 2012

OK, I must apologize for leading you on to believe that I was going to write weekly or even regularly.  But to try and compensate, I will write about several things today and put them in a few different posts.  And from here on out I will try again to be more consistent in writing in the blog.  Don't forget to check the other posts that I put up today!

We recently purchased our tickets to fly back to the US.  I’m still working on getting an official offer for a job, but it sounds like I have one locked up.  We have plans to visit New York for a week and a half before heading back to Oregon.  We have a week before I will (hopefully) start my job to find a place to stay.  We’ll likely start searching for places in NY, but if anyone has some good places to stay let us know!!  We’ll see you in NY on May 26th and Oregon on June 7th!  We are excited to see all of our family and friends and for hot showers any time of day!

This is also a difficult time for us because like I said before we feel like this is home and the students and staff have become like family.  We really feel like we can and are doing a lot for the girls here and will miss being here a lot.  Fortunately, there is nothing from keeping us from coming back.  I hope to make trips every year back to Honduras and check up on all the girls.  I believe I’ve also mentioned that I am now in a position of leadership of The Leadership Center, kind of like a board of directors, so some of my time in Oregon will be devoted to teaching young poor women in Honduras.  I will miss being here, but look forward to the opportunities that God will provide to improve our school here! 

Hope to write again soon!!   

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