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Our Family - click the pic below for more pictures

Our Family - click the pic below for more pictures
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Saturday, February 18, 2012

some day i might post organized thoughts, today is not that day

Looking back at the pictures that I had so badly wanted to share maybe because I thought it would give you (my friends and family back home) a better picture of my life here, maybe because I want to share the cuteness of my little girls (since we can’t enjoy them together in person right now), maybe because it’s so difficult for me to get a computer, the pictures and some decent internet together all at the same time, probably a bit of everything….anyways, I got to thinking how much the pictures do not really illustrate our life here. I think over time a series of pictures can show a lot but when everything is growing and changing at such a rate as when people are thrown into a new (very rural might I add) environment and told, “ok, you need to figure out how to live AND how to educate young women who need to become leaders in their communities, competent in business, and successful in an incredibly corrupt world,” these picture just do not do the experience justice. Ok, maybe I am being dramatic, and I know the Lord sees all, but I just can’t get over how cool and difficult it is to experience all that goes on, behind the scenes, so to say.
Can you imagine sending your oldest daughter (the one who helps with all the cleaning, cooking, clothes washing, babysitting of your other 6 children, ect.) 10 hours away to a place you know nothing about with people you don’t know so they can live and work on a farm and study (subjects you probably don’t know anything about yourself). Why? I’m not sure. But I am sure glad I have gotten to meet these daughters (not all are the oldest) and been given the chance to brainwash them…just kidding. Caring for and educating these young women is a big responsibility, but knowing the sacrifice their families make to allow them to be here raises the bar a bit. I’m glad my wonderful husband carries most of the weight ;). And of course there is the hope that these promising young women will become a better future for their families (if we do a good job, right?).
I don’t know how Ira knows how to do everything, but thank you God that You have prepared him to be able to do everything that needs to be done here in order for our little community and the entire leadership university to function well and happily. I mean who else do I know that in one day can transport 10 of us in a barely functional truck down a barely functional road, organize a leadership and volunteer opportunity for the students from leadership center, volunteer at a school for younger school aged kids, play volleyball and apples to apples, set up an interview (this is not as simple as making a call in the US), make sure other volunteers that are traveling out this weekend are safe and know they are doing, take me on an ice cream date, make the weekly test for the girls to take tomorrow, buy construction supplies (this consists of learning several new words in Spanish and knowing where these things are sold, oh and maneuvering the truck that I am fascinated anyone can drive…I mean, the stick shifter has just recently been welded back on and I can see the road moving beneath my feet when I sit in the front seat. When the engine gets hot I can barely keep my feet on the truck floor, and don’t get me started on the fumes, uhg! wow I am so thankful for any sort of transportation right now, I should not be bashing the truck! I love you big blue) anyways I was on some kind of list of all the things Ira can do in one day, but I don’t think I could possibly list everything and I have to go, so that’s it for now. peace

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