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Our Family - click the pic below for more pictures
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rainy Season is here!

I think we have officially gotten into the rainy season…it has been pouring rain non-stop.  And of course when I say pouring I mean, we have to yell at each other to hear even ourselves pouring.  It’s actually quite fun.  I just wish we had fireplaces to cuddle up next to and warm up.  We have the wood stove top in the kitchen, but when everyone else is in there as well, (likely blasting music) it’s not quite as cozy. 

Sicily is dying to play in the rain, but it’s just too cold right now to be doing that, even though, she would have a ball.  Plus, when it rains here, the land turns into one giant river and washes stuff away.  Olivia, though, has her rain boots and jacket on and has been walking around in the puddles with her umbrella against her shoulder.

Maybe the more exciting thing is that we are also having thunder and lightning.  We don’t get enough of that in Oregon.  One strike was pretty close, maybe across the river, but the last several have been further away and less frequent.  The rain continues to come down like nothing else though, so I’m still hopefully for more.  My best guess is that it has been coming down for an hour straight while only letting up for a few moments. 

The other awesome thing about today is that we are having baleadas for dinner. I’m sure we’ve explained before, but they are awesome, awesome, awesome!  Who ever thought a tortilla, beans, egg and cheese would be so tasty???

Ahh the rain is finally letting up again…wonder how the roads will be tomorrow for my moto ride?

Update: Didn’t ride the moto today, but will have to tomorrow.  And the rain didn’t actually stop until around midnight.  Thankfully this place hasn’t seen rain like that in a long time, so it’s been really dry and it was easy for the earth to soak up the water.  Roads are ok!

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