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Our Family - click the pic below for more pictures
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Week 5.5 - What I forgot to blog about

For a few nights last week (and the week before) we started getting woken up at night by something rustling around in our room.  I got out of bed the first night we heard it and noticed that something jolted out from our snacks on a shelf in our room.  It climbed right up the wall and I couldn't find it behind the luggage on the top shelf.  I thought it looked like a small lizard, since I have seen them crawl up walls several times before and well I could see the tail.  I figured it would leave that night.  Over the next few nights we would hear the lizard in our room on our snack shelf and I would get up, shine the flashlight around and we really wouldn't hear it much the rest of the night.

One night I shined the flashlight behind the suitcases again and I actually saw the small head of a mouse.  This really makes more sense than a lizard.  I shook the luggage a bit and figured the mouse would be scared enough to leave.  Apparently not.  We then tried to keep a small reading light on, on the shelf with the snacks.  The mouse didn't like it at first, but became unphased by it after a couple days, and we continued to be woken up and have partially eaten granola bars.

Once we realized it was a mouse we had to ask Olivia for forgiveness for not believing her when she said she saw a mouse in our room.  We didn't think she was lying necessarily, well maybe...we thought maybe it was her imagination or something.  That night we actually had a frog somehow get into our bed and jumped in Sarah's lap and freaked her out.  It was sorta funny after the fact, but honestly, I don't really like frogs either.  So anyways, we assumed that Olivia saw the frog and thought it was the little mouse.  Until of course it was a lizard.  
Anyways, the reason I write this is more for the redemption factor.  I set a trap and waited for the mouse to take the bait, and thus get squashed by the spring loaded bar.  I didn't sleep much and woke up to the mouse chowing on some snacks.  Not sure why he wasn't dead yet, I checked the mouse trap.  The bait (a chocolate granola bar - apparently his favorite) was gone.  Ughh.  Now I had to reset the trap with more bait, but this time I used peanut butter from one of those peanut butter crackers.  I lay in bed knowing that it would be a matter of seconds, maybe minutes before I caught my first mouse.  

After plenty of time had passed, and I heard the mouse yet again for several minutes, I decided to see what was going on.  He wasn't taking the bait.  I'm guessing that since the peanut butter was a little dry it may not have had a distinct odor and besides he had a box of Olivia's chocolate chip granola bars to snack on.  So I decided to keep the peanut butter on the trap and get him to come to the trap with a little piece of chocolate also on the trap.  

After probably less than 15 minutes, SNAP!  Got him.  I was very proud of myself.  After several attempts and sleepless hours I had finally caught him!  When I got to the trap, I noticed that the mouse looked very well fed, which would be expected by the number of granola bars that were broken into.  Anyway, this was a relocation trap...relocated that rodent to mousey heaven!


Also want to mention that we received our pledge for donation towards the building of the bathroom for our cook.  I think I said that the cost would be somewhere around $2000, but after looking it over with a friend, we think it will be less than $1000!  So even if you want to give $20, that buys something like 100 bricks that we'll use to build the bathroom and septic tank!  

Thanks!  God Bless!  

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