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Our Family - click the pic below for more pictures
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Week 6 - New moto!!

If there is nothing else that I get out of Honduras, I at least have learned how to ride a motorcycle!  I got my hands on a brand new moto (a few years old, but never driven) for the price of a used one this week.  Very excited!  I've been able to borrow others' motos, but it's nice to finally have my own.  In fact, I drove the moto into Zambrano today with one of our students.  She was headed to the capital to visit family and apparently her mother has purchased some fish for everyone at the school.  So I'm looking forward to some fish.  Hopefully, it's half way decent, but at least it will be a different food type.  Anyway, I was a little excited for the bike ride, but whenever you have someone else on the back of your moto, it makes it a lot more difficult to control.  I mean it's not really hard, unless you are on a crappy road and it starts raining on you.  Which of course is what happened to us before we even got half way there. 
We had to drive much slower than normal and still had a few times where we slipped and slid around.  We only had a couple of close calls, but made it safely to the bus station to Tegucigalpa.  I went to the gas station as usual when in Zambrano, for a coke and candy bar.  I was soaked from head to toe, but the trip was worth it for that sugar rush! 

The rain stopped for the trip back, and my dri-fit shirt was able to dry out by the time I made it home, though my cotton shorts were still dripping the whole way.  I tried to have a little fun in the mud, which I did of course; going around corners mostly. 

The workers were also able to complete the wall that is around the eating area today.  Now all they have to do is set the door and put up the chicken wire and screen above the wall and we will be fully protected!  They also completed the tool shed and will move the tools out of the dorm/study rooms next week.  In addition, they also have the plans ready for the construction of the new classrooms, though, I'm not sure when they will actually start.  Sarah and I, with help from the students, have also done a lot of work on the garden that is in front of our house.  When we return from vacation, we will put up chicken wire and start planting!  We've already tasted the vegetables from Hailey's garden, so we are excited to get ours under way soon also!

Speaking of vacation, we also have a break this next week from class.  The girls go to school year round and this is the "end of summer" break.  We have about a week and a half off.  We will start by visiting 2 of the girls' homes to see their families and communities for a couple days.  We are very excited to be able to visit the girls' homes.  We would like to do this with all the girls, but I'm not sure if we'll have enough opportunities while we are here since they live all around the country and many are difficult to get to.  Hopefully!  After visiting the girls' families we'll head to the north coast of Honduras and take a boat to Belize where we'll have a little more access to things.  We are very excited for lattes and ice cream everyday!!  I'm sure we'll also throw a couple pizzas and maybe some  hamburgers in there as well.  We are going to be staying in a small tourist town with the other family (THE RAHMS!!)  that is here with us.  We can't wait for the warm beach and warm Belizian water and for a little break from the campus.  It will be nice to get out a little further than a few miles.

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